jointpop – Simply Beautiful review

Over the twenty years they’ve been together, jointpop have released an impressive seven albums, their most recent of which came out only a handful of days ago. Simply Beautiful, which you can check out the video for below, is the first single off Quicksand, the latest addition to the collection, which was produced by Paul Kimble of US band Grant Lee Buffalo. This track is another fantastic addition to the tremendous catalogue of the “renegade rock n roll” band from Trinidad and Tobago.

After a piano lead opening, the music drifts into the body of the song, which comes at the style from all different angles. If Chris Martin fronted Queen, who were then covering New Town Kings songs in a jazzy, muzak-y style, you might be punching close to home. Somehow they mix up classic riffs with a ska-but-not-ska edge, layered thickly with swaying and commanding vocals.

Watch the video for Simply Beautiful below.

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