Koshiro – Necromancer review

NECROMANCERThey describe it as “fast, furious and fun”, and ever since we had a chat with Koshiro last year after giving their split EP with Syren City a review, I’ve been waiting to hear what the metalcore quintet would come out with next. Their brand new single, Necromancer, out tomorrow, is just that!

It’s similar in sound but we’ve taken the extra step to push it towards much more technical and risky territory, probably approaching the edge of our abilities, which is great. We want to keep challenging ourselves and getting better, we want each track we release to be memorable and hopefully leave some jaws on the floor.”

From the heavy electric opening that is most definitely their “sound”, it’s clear that the band are back with a record not to be taken lightly. The harsh vocals take control from an instrumental welcome and the almost shouted “fuck yeah!” bodes well for a live show moment. According to the Bristol based rockers, it has “gone down a treat when we’ve played it live.”

The contrast of the clean and harsh vocals has always drawn me to Koshiro’s music, and this track is no different – the power is passed between the two, creating the layers of┬áthe record that the band incorporate, blend and ricochet between excellently.

The good news doesn’t stop with this engaging, zesty earworm of a track – the band state, “we are planning another single/video for July/August. During that time we’re hoping to play as many shows as possible and potentially go on our first tour. This will culminate with a brand new EP release at the end of the year.”

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