Lacey interview at Macmillan Fest

LACEYWhilst we were at Macmillan Fest, we took the chance to catch up with three of Nottingham’s four-piece, Lacey.

Hi guys, can you introduce yourselves and tell us where you are?
Dave: Yes, I’d love to! It’s Dave, Graz, Pete out of Lacey. Josh isn’t here, but it’s all the better for it.
Graham: Josh is moving house.
Dave: Yeah, he’s moving house. We’re currently in Spanky Van Dykes at Macmillan Festival, we just played an acoustic set in Rescue Rooms, it was really good. It was alright, it wasn’t really good.
Pete: It was brilliant! The best of things so far.
Graham: What, the best of the festival?
Pete: Yeah, I think so, yeah.
Graham: That’s quite a statement there.

We’re going to play a variation of Just A Minute, where you have to talk about a topic for a minute without variation, hesitation or repetition. Your topics are; the album, the band and Macmillan Festival. Who’d like to start?
Graham: Right, Dave’s got the stopwatch ready, he’ll start us on the band.
Dave: Lacey is a band that was formed in late 2011, following the break up of multiple bands, one of those was Erica Black, or whatever you guys used to call yourselves, and one of them was Rivals. We kinda met through, like, mutual friends and stuff, and we played football together and we were a really, really, really, really, really bad football team.
Graham: Repetition.
Pete: So we’ve just recorded our debut album, it is by far, the best thing we have ever done as a band. I think we’re all very proud of it. I’m gonna get deep on you now. We write songs as and when we need to, so we’ll write, we’ll practise, we’ll play gigs, and if a song comes out, a song comes out. We get three or four, and we’ve got an EP. So actually having a certain end point – we had to record ten songs – was quite a challenge for us, but it’s made us become a lot better song writers, because we’ve had to become very, very critical of ourselves, and our music, to get rid of all the nonsense that normally gets churned out, so our new album, Under The Brightest Lights, is the best thing that Lacey have ever done. And it’s the best thing you’ll ever hear. It will be out on iTunes very soon.
Graham: Repetition. So, Macmillan Fest. What a fantastic day we’ve had. What a turnout we had to the show, I wasn’t really expecting that. I think it’s excellent, the set up that we’ve got going on here. We’re gonna go watch Teenage Casket Company later on, with Rob Lane who we went on tour with as part of Spring Break tour with People On Vacation…
Dave: Timed out! When we first met each other, we were all a really bad football team, and uh, well, I say we were bad, it was like a five a side team and me and Graz were quite good, but Pete scored one goal in like sixty games, it was absolutely dreadful.
Pete: How many did you score?
Dave: I scored about fifty. So anyway, these guys have been in bands since they were kids, and I’ve been in another band since I was a kid, we kinda just got together that way, and, uh, we started writing together, like, uh…
Pete: So our new album, two more things. We have a single out already from the new album called Reach Out, it’s on iTunes, it’s on SoundCloud, it’s everywhere. Reach Out – Lacey.
Dave + Graham: Repetition!
Pete: ALSO, we have just recorded a brand new which we are going to put on the album, through Drop Dead and Steel City Studios, and we’re very thankful for all their help, and it’s gonna be amazing. It’s called Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. Tonight… Tonight.
Dave: That’s definitely repetition.
Graham: So, Macmillan Fest. What a lovely event, raising awareness of cancer, and I think more bands and more people should get involved in this sort of thing, we’re very happy to do it. We’re always keen to get more of festivals, we love the festival vibe, y’know. It’s like an all day event. These indoor festivals have got a different sort of vibe, because you can just bounce from room to room, checking out who else you might want to see, it’s a really good set up… Nottingham has always been kind to us, we got a really good reaction-
Dave: You’ve already said that. Josh is easily the smelliest member of the band. This is a very non-linear interview.
Pete: Our album has been fan funded by a website called Pledge Music, we’ve had an absolutely humongous response, it’s been brilliant, and we can’t thank everyone enough. Thank you to everyone who has already pledged, we’re eternally grateful. And I’m going to repeat myself to move the question on, if you would still like to pledge,, I think. Right, wrap it up Graz, wrap it up.
Graham: New album out. November. Under The Brightest Lights. Thanks to everyone that pledged.

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