Lawson – Roads review

There was a time, not too long ago, where as soon as you turned on the radio you couldn’t shift for Lawson’s addictive, fun sound. It was this infectious, poppy style that they filled their top 5 debut album, Chapman Square, and subsequently lead to five top 10 singles, and selling a million copies in the UK alone. They went onto play more than a couple of mammoth festivals, and it’s safe to say that the record was an all round success.

Now, the boys – Andy Brown (lead vocals/ guitars), Ryan Fletcher (bass), Joel Peat (guitar), and Adam Pitts (drums) – are back with their first offering off their forthcoming sophomore album, and the maturity is almost tangible. Roads, which you can watch the video forbelow, boasts the same catchy chorus that all their previous work has, but allows the band to display how they’ve grown up in terms of songwriting.

Speaking of the track, Andy states, “It was important for us as a band to come back with something fresh and exciting. Roads feels like a step forward, and explores addictions people can go through. The writing and recording process at Blackbird Studios in Nashville allowed us to test ourselves and try new sounds and directions. We’re really proud of it.”

The song, released at the end of last week, is easily their best work to date, layering their rocky pop sound with electro pops and a sing along section that’ll go down a treat with a live show. Roads has certainly seen the band up their game, and it’ll be interesting to see where their forthcoming album takes them.

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