Layby interview at Macmillan Fest

LAYBYVery shortly we’ll be posting our review of Layby’s debut EP, but until then, you can check what happened at Macmillan Festival when we got them in on our Just A Minute-esque game…

We’re going to play a game where Team 1 has to talk about the new EP for as long as possible, and Team 2 has to do the same about Macmillan Festival. If you deviate, hesitate or repeat yourself, the other team comes into control. Ready?
Team 1: Does it start from when I start talking? Right…
Team 2: Hesitation! So Macmillan Festival, we love playing it, it’s really great of Kris from IKE Productions to offer us to play in the show, we’ve not been going long so it’s great to be offered a show like this, there’s loads of awesome bands of the line-up, and it’s great to do something for cancer research, the fund is great and we’ve been looking forward to it and…
1: Can I talk about the EP now?
1: Basically, the EP is a collection of three songs that mean a lot to us, actually, it’s got the first song we wrote as a band. It’s called Bombsite, which is symbolic of what we wanted it to be about, which is the stereotypical pop-punk theme of getting out of your town and everything getting to down and stuff, trying to overcome that dark time which hangs over you. It was really fun, we played that at Macmillan Fest today, we’re thankful to the people who were listening to it. We’ve started working on our second EP which will be out soon…
2: Do I go back to Macmillan? Yeah, so Macmillan Festival, we enjoyed playing the acoustic set… It’s all for a great cause, we enjoyed raising money for it and Aaron did the Ice Bucket Challenge… awh, I’m rubbish at this.
1: Yeah, we did play a song off the EP, the new EP, which we are currently recording at the moment. That was Chronic, which we’re also filming a music video for soon, and it’s gonna be great. We are currently recording the new EP at Steel Street Studios-
2: It’s Steel City.
1: Oh yeah. Steel City Studios, uh, and we plan to have that out early next year. And that’s gonna have five songs on it. And we’re really looking forward to it. Our next EP is a massive step up from our debut EP, which is you haven’t listened to, then you definitely should. It’s on Bandcamp which you can find via Facebook and other social media outlets which are excessively used and abused by young teenagers.
2: We’ve been hanging out at the acoustic stage all day, been checking out all the acoustic acts, they’re really cool,  we’re really looking forward to later, Vanity Box and Violet are gonna be really cool. Falling Upstairs we’re really good friends with so we’re really looking forward to seeing them… uh, I don’t have anything else to say.
1: We all met via a-
2: Dating website.
1: It’s basically like single nerds in your area, so we all met on there, went to the pub for a few drinks, the decided we wanted to make music together. That was actually before Joe, our bass player, joined, and with Tim, but he’s in Croatia. Since then, ten months on, we’re here at Macmillan Fest, we’re playing music and making friends, and having good times all round.
2: Yeah, we started off as a four piece, but Aaron decided to drop the bass-
1: On the floor.
2: -and just sing, which is a good thing, ’cause he can’t play bass at all. And that’s where we got the lovely Joe in, and Joe plays bass. And that is the current line up, and we hope it stays like that.
1: We’re happy with it. Thank you very much for interviewing us!

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