Lisbon Kid – Sunburst review

LISBONKIDWith the first signs of summer starting to crop up, it’s the perfect time to start wallowing in as much new electronica music as you can find. The debut single from Danny De Mantos and Rui Da Silva, together known as Lisbon Kid, is a promising beginning to the season of sun and music. Sunburst is the first single to be taken off the pair’s forthcoming self-titled album, which is set for release on April 22nd, and the track was premiered on Ministry of Sound last week, where you can read what they made of it.

It’s almost easy to see why the pair were recently signed by Wall of Sound – a somewhat eclectic label home to the likes of The Human League, Aeroplane, Propellerheads and many more – from the experimental moments of the track that fade in and out of a shower of electronic pops.

Sunburst lures you in with an ambient, aimless drift that matches the total contentment of the summer hot weather, a perfect tie-in with the track’s title, and this is maintained in an almost hypnotic undertone, always feeling a moment away from becoming a steel drum anthem. Electronic beats build and dazzle the sound, but no matter how elaborate the track becomes, I can’t quite shake the feeling that it would be incredibly apt for a Mario Kart soundtrack.

Three and a half minutes in, the track slips into another level of hypnotic dip, raw instruments seeming to crop up among the sound. Although the base of the track is undeniably, fantatsically, captivating, it’s the bolder, brighter, forefront of the song that I’m left to question. A few listens proves it’s a promising earworm, but in equal parts it becomes rapidly irritating for the lack of variation.

That said, Sunburst is fun and individual, a summer-fueled splash of colour on any bleak sky – a song bound to annoy you, but that you’ll stick on repeat regardless.

You can listen to Sunburst below.

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