Lola Colt at Bodega, Nottingham

Last week, we had the chance to check out Lola Colt’s full length offering, released last year (you can check out what we had to think of it here). Away From The Water was a fantastic encapsulation of their live show, as we suspected, and when the six-piece psychedelic outfit came to Nottingham’s Bodega on Friday night, we went down to see what they were made of. In the next few days, we’ll be posting our interview with them, too.

On a stage that’s recently seen the likes of The Xcerts and Eagulls, Lola Colt were joined for their performance by a fantastic backlight of colour, layering with the music to add a somewhat trippy edge to the show. From the off, there was no doubt as to why the band are known for their live performances, and the name they’ve worked up in London is one that deserves to be spread across the UK at the very least. Not only where they technically accurate throughout, delivering a quality of sound that was present on the album, but so eclectic and vibrant was the show that it was more like a living thing that a start-to-finish performance.

The Sharleen Spiteri-esque hint that touched on the tracks’ vocals on Away From The Water makes itself even more prominent in the live show, especially in Highway, off the new record. With these vocals dancing across the music, an underlying fuzz provides the backbone to the sound, and despite their being all six of the band, it’s a wonder that they had enough hands to create all the sound they did, and with such delicate intricacy.

Every track buzzes with energy, dipping into instrumental waves you could easily lose yourself in, surfacing long enough to regain the structure that marks out their recorded sound from the repetitiveness most psychedelia falls into. Winding up the live show with the album’s eight minute title track highlighted this control over the balance between flooding passion and how in sync they six of them proved to be, and with whoops and cheers and shouts for more, they proved to win the hearts of many.

The album was the sort of work that deserved more than a handful of listens for full appreciation, and this is a live show that leaves you wishing it’d lasted twice as long to fully appreciate it – a must see live show, and easily the best psychedelic show I’ve ever seen.

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