Lower Than Atlantis at Rock City Main Hall, Nottingham

Earlier this year we had the chance to review Lower Than Atlantis’s Nottingham show in Rock City’s basement venue (which you can check out here), and several months later they’re back along with Decade to support A Day To Remember on the All Signs Point To Britain tour. As the band’s frontman, Mike Duce, said in our interview we posted yesterday, “being a support tour, everyone’s there to see someone else, you kinda like do you thing, and hope that people like it”, and go out and do their thing they did. Although playing to a crowd tailored to A Day To Remember fans their dancier music may not have been perfectly suited, they still held an impressive impact on the night.

Regardless of this, a fair amount of the crowd had the new record (“How many of you bought our new album?” elicited a cheer, and “how many of you illegally downloaded our album?” sparked a bigger one), and so the enthusiasm for newer tracks Criminal, Emily and English Kids In America was unsurprising. For those keener on the rockier side of their music the back catalogue was delved into, with the likes of Love Someone Else, If The World Was To End and Beech Like The Tree creating storms.

After Mike encouraged the first circle pit in Marilyn’s Mansion, the masses were unstoppable, and every track it was feasible to put movement to (and some it wasn’t), they did. Another golden oldie resulted in a layer of people crowd surfing forwards, and although the set list leant itself more towards clap along tracks instead of jump along ones, this was still made the most of, and the shocking waves of cheers that met the close of every track showed the sheer appreciation.

Among the hectic side of the show, they managed to highlight their down to earth side through a crowd sing along of Happy Birthday to a lucky girl at the front, and, uh, forgetting to introduce themselves. The odd lifeless note punctured the set, as did the frequent guitar changes, and there was a distinct relationship between the age of the track and the confidence and clarity it was delivered with. Whilst there was the typical Lower Than Atlantis power in closing Here We GoEnglish Kids In America took a while to warm up to full energy and Criminal had its fair share of off moments.

Despite being only a half hour set, it was delivered with all the force and music propaganda you’d expect from one of their shows, urging the crowd to party en masse to the bone-shaking sound. Going out and giving it their all, the band will have won fans left, right and centre.

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