Lower Than Atlantis interview

As main support for A Day To Remember, Lower Than Atlantis took out across Britain, and just before their gig at Rock City’s Main Hall, we had a chat with the band’s frontman. Warning – he says “good” a lot.

I am Mike from Lower Than Atlantis and I am in a dressing room at Rock City, Nottingham.

You’ve recently released your fourth studio album; how does it feel to have it out there?
Good. (Laughs) Yeah, it feels great, which is better than good. It’s like one up. Spent so long working on it so it’s good to finally have it out there.

There’s more electronic influences is this, what’s prompted that from your previous work?
‘Cause there’s only so much you can do with two guitarists, a drummer and a bass player obviously, so we just felt that was the next, yeah.

What’re your favourites off the record?
(Pause) That’s like asking a mum to pick her favourite kid.
They always have one.
(Longer pause) I love them all for different reasons. We just started playing a song called Words Don’t Come So Easily, so I’m going to say that one.
I was just going to ask about that one – did that actually happen to you, falling off a chair in a restaurant?
Brutal, eh?

How have your fans reacted to the album?
Really well. Like, Here We Go, which was the first single, like our set at the moment is mainly new songs, and they get a way better reaction than the older stuff, so.

In general, how’s the tour going?
It’s cool, it’s like, being a support tour, everyone’s there to see someone else, you kinda like do you thing, and hope that people like it, so yeah. We went in with that kinda mindset, so, yeah, it’s been great.

What’s the best date been so far?
I’ve said, right, that after each one, that’s been the best one, like, they’re getting better as we go along, so yesterday is now, but this probably will be.

Any fond memories of Nottingham from previous times you’ve played?
Yeah, we played Hit The Deck Festival here like two years ago, three years ago or something, and it was really good.

Any Irish dates coming up?
Nothing as of yet, but there will be. It’s really fucking expensive to go there and like, even if you’re in just like a van, couple of vans, it costs like six hundred pound, five hundred pound to take something bigger than a car.
Get a couple of Ford Fiestas, stick everything in.
We’re thinking of going on roller blades.
Canoe it.

You’ve recently launched your new merch range, do you design all or it yourself?
Ben is sort of the creative, like, there’s a guy called Little Chris who designs it all who works at a merch company, Ben works closely with him. I don’t know anything about that, just music here.

Just before you came on tour you were shooting your new music video, what can you tell us about that?
We actually did it on the tour, we had a day off, which wasn’t a day off, ’cause yeah, we just got the second cut of it through today, it’s looking really good. That’s all I’m going to say, though.

What are your plans for 2015?
Have fun, and just enjoy being in a band.

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