Lucy Rose interview

She’s previously supplied backing vocals for Bombay Bicycle Club, as well as having released her own first album. This summer will see the release of her second album, and this month she’ll be heading out on her first headline tour in 18 months – full dates below. We had a chat with Lucy about what she’s been up to, and her upcoming work.


First of all, describe your music for those who haven’t heard of you before.
Well the first album is very acoustic but the second album is much more electric. They are all songs that I’ve written alone, I think they are all pretty different but I guess are very feelings based.

It’s been a while since we heard anything from you; your upcoming headline tour will be your first in 18 months. What’s been going on behind the scenes?
I’ve been touring other places, I played gigs in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Glastonbury so not many but mainly I’ve been concentrating on finishing this next record, so constantly writing songs.

You’re currently recording your new album, a follow up to 2012’s Like I Used To. How has your music developed since then, and what can we expect from the record?
Yeah the next record is finished and just been mastered, some of the songs are more upbeat on this record, I’ve written some on the piano, I’m playing electric guitar on a lot of them and I’ve played more with the production.

Is there a definite release date for it yet?
I think so, but it keeps changing, summer!

You’ve worked closely with Bombay Bicycle Club in the past, most recently providing vocals on So Long, See You Tomorrow. Is this a relationship set to continue?
I hope so, I’d like to think I’d be lucky enough to make┬ámusic with them for as long as possible, fingers crossed.

Can we expect to see any of the band return the favour on your new work?
Not on this album but Jack sang on my last one.

In 2013 you were tipped as one of the rising stars at Glastonbury, have you any plans to put your name out across the festival season this year?
Yeah I should be playing a few festivals this summer which I’m excited about but I’m pretty nervous about peoples reaction to the new record.

And, finally, have you any New Year’s resolutions?
I think I did but I’ve forgotten them now, I think it was keep in touch with friends.

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