Lyonn – We’ll Light The Sky review

Once upon a time, Lyonn was a very different act to what it is now. In fact, last year, when Lyonn’s debut EP, Promenade, was released, the act was half what it is now; not in talent, but in straight forward size. A one man act now has an accompaniment, and the musical duo (Tyler Gelrud and Attila Yavuzer) released their latest EP, We’ll Light The Sky, earlier this month. A mere four tracks long, the offering builds upon their single, Empty Bed, that we previously praised so highly, whetting the appetite for what Lyonn are capable of.

Their most recent single, Empty Bed, opens the EP, a track driven by strained, passionate vocals over a consistent backing, striking up the same summery, relaxed but not subdued, and romantic vibe that Lydia’s most recent album does. The aforementioned vocals show a raw side to the music, somewhat contrasting the polished and perfected instrumental.

After the dominating and epic sound of the EP’s opener, the next up, title track We’ll Light The Sky, is remarkably refrained. Electro pops and and laden in synthesisers, the track very literally sounds like a starry sky, an ideal accompaniment to a long night drive. This set up gives chance to show off the vocals of the duo, the known and loved soft and sandy singer/songwriter style picking out the open honesty in the lyrics.

Shining Eyes is a snowball of a track, gaining motion as it powers along, electric riffs all but hidden among the usual build up of raw vocals and electronica. With a catchy hook and an earworm of a melody they’ve shown they don’t have to be melancholic to be brilliant, but moving into final Iceberg, melancholic they are. Keyboard lead and edgily distorted, after the instrumental picks up and lets the track soar, the EP winds to a cinematic and dramatic close.

Although We’ll Light The Sky feels like it’s scarcely scratching the surface of what Lyonn are capable of, they’ve struck a niche with all the raw and candid qualities of the singer/songwriter compiled over an electronica tinged backdrop, and allowed the contrasting sounds to blend in this simply luscious sophomore offering.

Stream Empty Bed below.

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