Milestones – Equal Measures review

Artwork Milestones Equal MeasuresAt the start of last December, youthful Manchester quartet Milestones released their debut single, More To Me, which has since racked up well over 5,000 views. We weren’t the only ones to think highly of it, and it would seem the success of this single wasn’t a one-off, with debut EP Equal Measures taking them from strength to strength. To be released on April 6th, the five track offering is the clear sign of a first effort, and the band say they’re, “already set to outdoing ourselves on the next record, because that’s the kind of people we all are.”

Although frontman Matt Clarke unsurprisingly describes the release as “a huge accomplishment”, the band are sure to stay humble. “To put passion into actual hard graft requires a serious group ethos, and it’s something everyone in Milestones, and anyone we’ve worked with, shares in common”, he muses. “I believe it’s vital for us to pay our dues and really earn ourselves a good reputation, but so far so good.”

After allowing the record to take off with their first offering, More To Me (the video for which you can check out below), the pace is kept high and mighty with the EP’s title track. From the percussion and riff driven opening 30-seconds, Milestones make their point that More To Me was nothing more than the first rung in the ladder. Soaring vocals of the chorus make Equal Measures one ideal for crowd-powered live shows, with verses suited to giving them enough reason to start a mosh pit.

Next single, Nothing Left, doesn’t let its atmospheric commencement deduct from the force it ploughs through with, once again engaging in the massive hooks that shape the genre. Anger seethes through dominating line, “where the fuck is your respect?”, before the third verse kicks in. Simplistic and repetitive it may be, it’s also ridiculously addictive, and contrasts sublimely to the almost acoustic middle eight that follows it.

Though the band have done well in general to sidestep cliches (a minute long instrumental intro, for example), they’ve settled for making the shortest track on the record an acoustic number. The two and a half minute blast gives chance for the focus of the track to shift to Matt’s distinct vocals, before closing Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed, personal favourite off the EP, reverts to the all out pop-punk influences. Fast riffs suit the short track, with clear vocals cutting through the boisterous instrumental, and layers adding a special touch to the close of the track.

Although the band’s influences of the likes of Neck Deep and You Me At Six are loud and clear in the offering, Milestones are far from entirely dictated by them. They appreciate the diversity in the music, and though at times it sounds a little eclectic, as Matt says, they’ve “left so much room for growth”, and I could easily see them on the books of Banquet or even Rise Records. Equal Measures is dripping with potential, and with strong plans already in place for the rest of the year, 2015 is set to be a strong one for the band.

Catch them on tour at the following dates:

February 17th – MANCHESTER, Sound Control
February 18th – DERBY, The Vic Inn
February 19th – LIVERPOOL, Maguire’s Pizza Bar
February 20th – BRIDLINGTON, The Londesborough
February 21st – EDINBURGH, Studio 24

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