Miriam Jones – Between Green & Gone review

Put simply, Miriam Jones has had quite a life traveling the world and playing music, starting from when she was a child governed by her parents’ ramblings. Unsurprisingly, Nashville played a large part in her surroundings as a child, and the style of writing so often associated with the place is encapsulated in her current record, Between Green & Gone. Released in January, the offering serves up ten four minutes stories from a singer/songwriter who has refined her art over a lifetime, and crafted it into something rather wonderful.

It’s an easy and obvious comparison to spot the similarities between Miriam and KT Tunstall, but there’s the same distinct confidence in the vocals. Opening Train‘s chorus allows Miriam to show off her simply fantastic vocals, and the mix between the metaphorical and the straightforward storytelling, such as in Cracks, allows her to play about with her clearly gifted lyrical capabilities.

Taking to the electric guitar with Warning, a pop edge creeps into the music with refrains dying for a singalong, before Given All lets hints of Sandi Thom touch on the track. The album continues in such a fluid manner, whether it’s the slower likes of Unknown or the dreamy hints that fleck across Don’t Be Hard On Me, with each track forming its own story in a manner that makes them each stand alone wonders.

Float nods towards the suggestion of influences such as Counting Crows, and whilst Miriam’s vocals haven’t quite the same depth, the up and down, roller coaster of country music is strikingly similar. After Missed You‘s soft side, All Over lends more focus to the instrumental, hollow but atmospheric, before closing sentimental Stay adds a fun, light edge to the web of powerful storytelling.

Miriam has more than simply talent, with each song as distinct as the last and as captivating as the next. Laid back and honest, she wears her heart on her sleeve and lets the rest of us enjoy the beauty of her song writing. Full mark.

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