Misgivings – Delete History

Misgivings promoWords: Mark McConville
When you think of drunken conversations, you would automatically think about gibberish being shared. One night in Hamburg blew that stereotypical judgement wide open as four guys that were seriously connected to the style of punk rock started a band. That band are Misgivings, an act that melt together spit soaked vocals with immense riffs. You will certainly hear passion being guided like a homing missile, there is nothing lacking in their music. It isn’t sterile or clean, it is dirty and beer swamped, but that is what makes them highly likeable and evocative.Delete History. It’s an album that would spark fury and chaos in a head so calm. The subtleness is pulled to fit the ferocity like a rubber band around an array of rusty nails. The work is fearless and will be misunderstood by the mainstream. But, who really cares about commercialism anyway? Dragging your feet through a punk rock city is more compelling and exciting than jumping around in a pink room full of misguided music rogues that peel back music to suck away its life stream.

Delete History challenges punk. With sneers that would scare a pack of raging wolves, it focuses on blends and lyrics that are rough around the edges but still describe hopelessness and despair. Punk is fuelled by rawness and bloodied fists. It is depressive and pessimistic at times. It carries all those feelings on its creaking back, never surrendering to tiredness. As Delete History opens up its heart, you will most certainly play with its valves.
A song that starts with an infectious guitar riff and thumping drums. Lyrically the song describes the lowness of being alone, being trapped in isolation. The Natives morphs into a full bloodied punk offering. The lyrics come together like poetry written on the bark of sacred tree. They convey despair again, desperation that is forever festering. Black Books starts with a jab at the drums. Then the guitar shreds away with a more succinct riff until the song forms into a complete piece of anarchy. It’s volatile and fast. Stay Dull offers vocals that are rough but punk infused. The wordplay is poetic but highly negative. It doesn’t discourage the song or trap its quality.

Misgivings is a band that kiss desperation. Their DIY ethic is admirable and their fight is heard.

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