My Favourite Runner Up interview

We checked out the new video for Never Again, the new single from Welsh rockers My Favourite Runner Up, not too long ago, and we had a chat with them about their hometown, music, and upcoming plans.

We make hard hitting rock music with a feel good vibe. Our main influences include Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World and New Found Glory, but we’ve thrown our own spin on it and the modern day rock fan will love it!

What’s the music scene like in your hometown of Aberystwyth?
When we started the band in 2006, it was amazing, inspiring and full of life. Gigs almost every night across town. Nowadays, the only live bands you see are cover bands (with some exceptions) and the music scene is very much Dupstep, House and Drum ‘n Bass. It’s a shame because I love Aberystwyth, but for us to get somewhere, we definitely had to gig out of town.

Do you prefer hometown shows or ones in cities you’ve never played before?
That’s a tough one, because I love our hometown fans. They’re our friends and they’ve supported us from the beginning. We’d be nowhere without them and they’re also crazy at the shows!! But there’s something incredible about playing a new city and seeing new people singing your songs back at you that really makes me feel good. I honestly couldn’t decide!

Your new single, Never Again, was out at the start of this month – tell us about what influenced it, musically and lyrically.
Before we started writing the album, our drummer and lyricist Tom listened back to our 2 previous EPs and noticed that he was writing a lot of the time about similar subjects (mainly frustration about being in a band and wanting it so much and frustration at people who said we weren’t good enough and that we couldn’t do it). So before any lyrics were written, he made a conscious decision to make the songs relatable to everyday people and things we all go through. Never Again is a song about 2 different relationships that have a problem with each other. One is between 2 friends that have known each other a long time and have a deep bond. The other is between one of those friends and her partner. The boyfriend doesn’t like her being so close with another guy and the friend is sick of picking up the pieces for her when she gets hurt by another idiot.

Musically, we wanted something huge and Never Again is definitely massive. We just jammed around the idea and it all clicked into place!

Crossroads, your critically acclaimed full length, was released last year. After the success it had with the likes of Rock Sound and Big Cheese, is there pressure to match that in future?
Definitely. Where to go from there? Well, we are already deep into the writing process of the next record, and this time (for the first time) we are consciously pushing ourselves to make better, slightly cleverer music. I love where we’re going with the new material and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

How was it to have your last single, Poison, played on Kerrang & Scuzz TV, and Radio 1?
It was awesome. I had my friends round mine for a party one night and we had Kerrang TV on providing us the tunes and BOOM, there was us haha! It definitely makes us feel like we’ve got somewhere with this band when we hear or see our music on stations and channels that are so popular.

You’ve played Slam Dunk before, does this mean we can expect to see you on many festivals this year?
I certainly hope so! Slam Dunk was amazing last year. Besides the show itself, I got to meet so many of my idols and finishing the night off drinking Jäger with Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects was just insane! Bring on the festivals is what I say!

What’s been your biggest “pinch me” moment so far?
Definitely standing side stage for Less Than Jake at Slam Dunk and mid song, Buddy Schaub (the trombonist) comes over while playing, grabs two beers off the guitar amp, gives me one and says “cheers” before we both opened them and had a swig and he carried on playing. I was just like “wow”haha.

Finally, what’re your plans for the rest of the year?
Never Again was released on 2nd March, then we hit the road from the 16th to celebrate! Here’s the dates:

16/03 // Manchester – Fac251
17/03 // Derby – The Vic Inn
18/03 // Birmingham – The Rainbow
19/03 // Leicester – The Shed
20/03 // Norwich – The Owl Sanctuary
21/03 // Tywyn – Neuadd Pendre
22/03 // London – Surya

We have LOADS planned for the rest of the year, but for now, it’s a secret so shhhhhhhh.

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