New Year/Willowen at Rescue Rooms

First things first, happy new year! Albeit already the end of the festive period – it seems to have gone in a flash. 2014 was a massive year for Mentioned, covering the likes of Hit The Deck and Macmillan Festival, seeing over 100 live performances and posting hundreds of reviews and interviews. Of course, we intend this year to be even bigger, and we’ve already plenty of features in place for over the coming weeks, beginning with our coverage of Nottingham Pop Punk Festival from tomorrow onwards.

We wound up 2014 good and proper with a final show; Willowen’s performance at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms “Acoustic Rooms” Monday night show in the quaintest venue you’ll ever find. Circumstances prevented us from enjoying the show in its entirety and in any other situation we’d scrap the review entirely, but the band were of such a calibre it would be wrong not to at least nod our heads to the night.

Just before we kicked back for our holidays, we checked out the band’s new single and were, quite simply, blown away by it, though it proved to not be a scratch on their live execution. Most certainly living up to the self-described “quirky” element in their music, the trio provided us with a tight enough show to shame many more established artists, with eclectic variety. Violin, ukulele, guitar, and percussion that made the most of every object in reach wound together to create a sound that could only be described as exquisite. Adding a fresh spark to a buzzing bar, the three piece proved absolutely captivating, demanding attention in the most exuberant musical manner possible. An undeniable pleasure, and the best way to close a year.

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    Great review guys – glad you enjoyed Willowen as much as us

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