No Devotion – Stay review

Words: Elliott Sutton

(4/5) It goes without saying that the 5 remaining members of Lostprophets were dealt an unbelievably bad hand at the end of 2013. 15 years of hard work were wiped away by the horrific actions of 1 man. But I’m not writing this as an excuse to direct vitriol at Ian Watkins, nor am I writing this to relish in the former glory of Lostprophets. This review is purely about the music, more specifically, the music of No Devotion who are comprised of the former Lostprophets members and fronted by ex Thursday vocalist, Geoff Rickly.

When I first came across the link to the song this morning I was both surprised and excited. Even more so, I was intrigued. As I waited for the song to load my initial thoughts were “Please, let this be good. In light of everything that’s happened this needs to be good.” What followed both pleased me and filled me with a sense of pride. Pride for the remaining 5 members of a band that got the second chance they rightly deserved. It should come as no shock that No Devotion’s debut single is a farcry from the sound of Lostprophets. No Devotion’s sound essentially harkens back to the new wave and post punk music of the 80’s but with an appropriately modern twist. Geoff Rickly’s soothing vocals cascade upon the shimmering electronics backed by jagged guitars and a steady beat.

Stay is a song that wouldn’t sound too out of place on Radio 1, almost reminiscent of The Killers and Danger Days era My Chemical Romance, Stay has the right balance of pop sensibility and lyrical substance. It sounds fresh but keeps you safe in the knowledge that it was written by 6 already accomplished songwriters. Sure, you might be forgiven for thinking that No Devotion might get by out of sympathy, but Stay shows the kind of potential that says otherwise. Stay is at best a triumph, and at the very least a well written song boasting a massive chorus, lush guitar work and enchanting electronics.

So, do No Devotion deserve your support? In this reviewers opinion, the answer is simply, yes. No Devotion do deserve your support, and with the fact that their future full length album will essentially be a stockpile of songs even better than Stay, they practically demand it.

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