Offpeak – Feelings Stay The Same review

On July 18th, Durham quartet Offpeak release their new single, Feelings Stay The Same, accompanied by a launch show at Newcastle’s O2. Back in 2013, the four came together and made their first steps in music by messing about on weekends covering songs; a far cry from the radio play and agency interest they’re now working up. With this young, fresh faced enthusiasm on fans of classics and big names, something spectacular was bound to come of it.

Scarcely making it past the two and a half minute mark, Feelings Stay The Same is a furious blast of Royal Blood-esque riffs (though without all of the rampant determination) softened with an edge of Beatles influenced mania. Jamie Pick’s vocals bloom with swagger and confidence, leading the track with a hint of Elvis style power. Though the band are pretty¬†young (no member over 22), they’ve managed to create an old-school rock ‘n’ roll number. My one complaint? The production could’ve made more of some of the riffs, but there’s clear potential for massive guitar solos in live shows.

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