OTHERKIN – Love’s A Liability review

With all the same reckless abandon that Slaves crashed their way into the scene with, Dublin rockers OTHERKIN are elbowing their way to the tip of people’s tongues. After their debut single AY AY received a brilliant reaction from the world of music, they’ve continued to pull out the punches with their latest round of releases – songs 20 To 11 and Love’s A Liability. Despite only forming a little over a year ago, the quartet are well on their way to making a name for themselves with their debut EP, The 201, out on November 13th.

Three and a half minutes of unapologetic power and brutal energy pump this song along, winding things up with a guitar solo that you’ll inevitably find yourself replaying repeatedly, and eventually getting out the air guitar for. Trust me on this one. Love’s A Liability presents itself as a single that knows what it is, what it wants, and exactly how it’s going to go about getting it. What more could you want?

You can listen to Love’s A Liability below.

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