Owls By Nature – The Forgotten and the Brave review

OBNCWords: Josh Jones

For some of us, energy is a fire that needs to be exercised or it will burn us up. This energy explodes from the music of Owls By Nature; a Canadian masterpiece infusing elements of rock and folk in the same blood as Frank Turner and Gaslight Anthem.

Ironically, the five gentlemen are signed to  Gunner Records who are home to those two hugely successful acts, and together Owls By Nature and their label are non-stop busy up until the end of the year, including the release of their sophomore album The Forgotten and the Brave in November after a year of manic world-wide touring.

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, the band caused waves with their debut record Everything is Hunted; including critical acclaim from Rolling Stone Magazine and a quickly-developing fanbase. The Forgotten and the Brave is a step up for the band by seasoning their sound and spicing up the rugged vocals with a raw honesty that will be captured far more beautifully on stage, as a recording doesn’t do their music the justice it deserves.

From the charismatic, Deaf Havana-esque song Brothers to more stripped down songs like Alberta (which, funnily enough, also reminds me of Saved on Deaf Havana’s third record Old Souls), the band uses a wide variety of instruments to create a dynamic sound that is different on each song. Altogether the album is fresh and exciting.

You can view the latest video for Wrigley Field off the new album below, which was directed by the band’s very own lead vocalist, Ian McIntosh;

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    Great writing here. Need to check this band out!

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