Panic Island – Temples review

Rock duos seem to be on the dramatic rise recently, and Panic Island are one of those up and coming acts to be added to that list. The pair, Arron Sans and Vinnie Shimia, met in 2012 in Spain, during a performance from The Cult – they instantly realised they shared the same love for an energetic performance, a catchy chorus and guitar hooks; all of these are noticeable or suggested in Temples.

The London rock band are set to release their debut EP, titled Cabin Fever and produced by Paul Tipler (Eighties Matchbox, Idlewild, The Horrors), on May 18th, with Temples taken off the offering. Speaking of the track, Arron say, “Panic Island is the place within us all that holds the deepest, darkest, emotions. It is filled with conflict between our dreams and personal demons. We are always running from this place, no one wants to be there, it is the catalyst that keeps us moving and creating. We cannot escape it and if we stand still for too long, it will consume us!”

After an opening that’s held back so tight it’s fit to burst, the bulk of the music opens up to layered vocals, a ridiculously infectious chorus, and riffs with more weight behind them than a ten tonne truck. They’ve got the perfect set up to draw themselves attention, and the structure and originality to deserve it. Check out Temples below; I dare you to not sing along.

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