Parasight at Rock City Basement, Nottingham

Off the back of the release of their new single, Wonderland, Nottingham/Derby rockers Eva Plays Dead headed out on tour last week across the UK. Tuesday night saw the band take a stop at a semi-hometown show in Rock City, Nottingham, to headline the Basement stage. Opening the night were local newbies Parasight, a highly raved about outfit among the teen rock community of Nottingham, and who we headed down to check out.

Playing Rock City is considered worldwide to be a notch in the belt, so the enthusiasm exhibited by the rock quintet upon stepping onstage is easy to empathise with; even more so considering how much of the room they managed to pack with fans – frontman Brad has no trouble transferring this enthusiasm into a performance full of motion and rockstar attitude.

Parasight have a thing for riffs; I don’t mean this as in they layer up good music with solid riffs to create an accomplished sound (though they do), I mean they have a thing for show stopping, foot on speaker, epic guitar solo, tear-up-a-rock-stadium kind of riffs – and they’re bloody good at it. Although they have a classic rock side to their music that would make them apt as an 80s cover band, the full set of originals proves they can write as well as perform impressively.

The set wasn’t flawless, though from a new band that’s hardly expected, and the drumming left something to be desired in both force, somewhat subdued next to the band’s all out manic energy, and technicalities, alongside the rapid guitar seeming a tad on the straightforward side. The basis is there, and I’m keen to see the band developed so they can deliver shows with full throttle.

Being an opening band can often be a tough gig in terms of wracking up enthusiasm from the crowd, but it wasn’t an issue these guys faced, with a closing party track being the show’s highlight for both execution and wrapping the audience up in the music’s atmosphere.

Parasight put in a strong case for potentially being a highlight in the rock bands of Nottingham; not potentially as in, “if they changed X, Y and Z, they’re be solid”, but as in, “if they refine this and keep it up, they’ll be a storming act”. Though their style might have seen its heyday thirty odd years ago, everyone loves a dose of metallic classic rock and Parasight deliver this perfectly.

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