Rixton – We All Want The Same Thing review

Last month, Rixton released their debut album Let The Road on the other side of the pond to high approval, smashing the Billboard Top 40. Though the record isn’t out over here until June 8th, it’s already on track to be a huge success, following in the track of their first two tracks taken from it – Me & My Broken Heart and Wait On Me. Their third single, We All Want The Same Thing is set for release on May 31st, and looks set to follow suit in the line of charting.

Speaking of the record, lead singer Jake Roche says, “Let The Road is something we’re incredibly proud of. Songs have survived 6 years to make it on this album, back when me and Danny were writing in the caravan having no idea where they would end up. We feel incredibly humbled to be able to share this with our fans, and we hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Jake’s effortless falsetto vocals lead the track over the R n B backing, and though it’s a track that’s bound to be a hit, it’s a bit of a grower. Despite their distinct quality and summery feeling, the vocals edge on painful at points and it manages to remain relatively monotone – not in the usual sense, but it does little. It’s addictive, fun and a real earworm, but it’s simplistic and lacks the talented structure some singles boast. Regardless, expect We All Want The Same Thing to be one of the biggest songs of the summer.

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