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When we went to go see Me Vs Hero at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms, we caught up with main support ROAM beforehand for a sort of interview. Absolutely lovely bunch of guys, even if they have a tendency to drift off topic…

We are in Nottingham at… Rescue Rooms. Red Rooms. And we are ROAM.

So we’re playing our usual game, where one team talks about the band and one about the EP for as long as possible without deviation, repetition or hesitation, if they do any of those, the other team can cut in and take over.
(A minute and a half later, after having to explain the game in a bit more detail to Alex Costello)
Team 1: We’re a pop-punk band from the south east of England from a town called Eastbourne. The nearest big city to us is where we practise in a palette warehouse. We formed in 2012 in November and we played our EP release show there in Eastbourne in a oh- A PUB
(After some more debating over the rules)
Team 2: We recently started recording our new EP, probably about a month ago in a place called Steel City Studios in Sheffield. It was recorded by Drew Lawson and we are very excited to hear it. And Seb Barlow, don’t forget Seb Barlow. And Phil. We went to Tesco pretty much every day to get sausages rolls and sausans. Sausans are actually sausage sandwiches but we call them sausans because we’re cool. It’s abbreviated.
You’ve deviated, by the way.
Team 2: We were talking about the food behind our EP!
Team 1: AFTER OUR release show we played a few shows in and around our locals area in Brighton and Eastbourne. We then started to go further afield to different places. We got to have the pleasure of supporting OPM. We supported OPM and Charlie liked them because they sing about drugs and then we did lots of tours that we put on ourselves and we went to sh-t places and no one came but it was fun and it was cold and then when we came back from that we met Lee Burgess who is now our manager. At the time we met him he came to a gig where we supported Tonight Alive and he came to that gig and after that gig he said “I will be your manager” and we said “cheers Lee that would be sick”. After we met up with Lee we met up with Anna and she sorted us out. She sorted us out and she puts on gigs for us and she got us lots more gigs and proper tours. This was when we started to do press with someone called Inception Press who was like “yo we’ll do some interviews and stuff” and we were like “yeah okay cool” and they were like “oh we also manage Neck Deep do you wanna tour with them?” and we were like “yeah okay cool” and then we did a tour with Neck Deep. On the first day of the tour with Neck Deep-
Team 2: Stop.
He’s said tour a lot…
Team 2: Repetition! Okay, on the new EP there will be four songs. Maybe four songs maybe…
Team 1: REPETITION.  On the first day of the travelling show… event (everyone laughs) we played in a place called Leicester where it was really big and it was at a university. On the second day of the travelling musical extravaganza we went to another town which I don’t remember and on that tour we had some fun and sold some merch and people had our T-shirts and then we got our tour with State Champs and Lost For Words which was in Europe which was a different place to what was before in the UK. We played a few shows in Germany and Belgium and Holland and Switzerland and we jumped in a lake off of a bridge and then that was cold and then we got dried and that wasn’t cold anymore and then we got back in the van and got back to the UK and played a show in London and then that was the end of the tour and we were sad and then we had a headline musical event thing in a row and it was fun and we did it with As It Is and Light You Up and we played a few shows and that was good and then we went into the studio which is their topic but STILL PART OF THE BAND SO SHUT. UP. And then we did that EP and it was really good well not that good but still alright and then…
Team 2: We’ve got four songs. Four different names for four different songs. Four songs that we don’t actually have names for yet which is good. And the EP does not have a name itself yet either. It’s modern art. It’s going to have nothing. It’s not going to have a name. Untitled 1, Untitled 2… yeah, and the songs aren’t actually songs, they’re just whale noises.
Team 1: And then we did a tour with Me Vs Hero and then we were in Nottingham and now we’re here.

How’s the tour going?
Is this still a battle?
The tour’s been really good, it’s really fun. On the second day, Sam lost his bag. So he’s now borrowing clothes as he’s lost everything. His whole life was in that bag. His house.

My next question was going to be “what do you miss most when you’re on tour?” but…
Sam’s bag.
I miss the glint in Sam’s eye when he picks up his bag in the morning.
I miss Eastbourne lots. Loads.
It’s not like we’re trying to get a career touring as much as we can. I miss my cats.
(A totally irrelevant minute on Charlie’s cats and kittens)

How does playing gigs in your hometown and England in general compare to playing in mainland Europe?
When we did the Europe tour we started off in Eindhoven playing this festival. That was our first show outside of the UK and we had a crazy reaction to what we expected. We didn’t expect anyone to even know or really care. We didn’t expect anyone to be singing lyrics back at us but they were grabbing for Alex’s mic… Some nights matched up to that, some nights didn’t. In comparison to the UK, Europeans love it when they have no idea who you are.

Any way you’d like to finish the interview?

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