Rob Lynch interview

RLIn between everything else he’s done – including releasing a new album, review online soon – Rob Lynch gave us a few minutes to question him about the record, touring, and his plans for the rest of the year!

First things first, you recently dropped your debut album, All These Nights in Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul – how does it feel to finally have a full length out there?
It feels most excellent. It’s a been long time coming, but it also feels that now is the right time for it be out there in the big wide world.

What’s the online reaction been like?
I’ve been really humbled by the reaction, it’s been overwhelmingly positive, which really makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Do your favourites off the record match fan favourites, or are they seeing the album how you wouldn’t expect?
Different people seem to have different favourites, which is great for me, as it shows that all aspects of the album are connecting in some way. I prefer it that way than if just one was song being singled out, as I’d be worried that the rest of the album wasn’t up to scratch! My favourites change all the time.

After your London release show, you’ve taken to the road supporting This Wild Life. How’ve they both fared up?
The release show was one of my favourite shows in recent memory, it was a triumphant night. There are 4 shows left on the This Wild Life tour, and so far it’s been a lot of fun. We’re travelling together in a van so there’s been a lot of camaraderie.

You seem to be constantly on tour, having played Vans Warped Tour and co-headlining with Front Porch Step early next year across the UK. What do you miss most on tour, or is your home on the road?
I love being on the road and I feel very comfortable on it, but the things I miss are my bed, my girlfriend and a good home cooked meal. I definitely don’t miss the London Underground.

What’re some of your fondest/craziest tour moments?
They pretty much all centre around drinking far too much with new (and old) friends. I am extremely lucky to be able to tour the world doing what I love. I have fond memories from every tour I’ve done.
Germany has shown me some good times. I accidentally went for a night out with my soundman in Hamburg and ended up leaving an illegal techno club at 9am. I don’t even like techno. The show the day after (or technically the same day) turned out being one of the best of the tour and I have absolutely no idea how as I could barely move for most of the day.

And, finally, what’re your plans for the rest of the year?
After I finish the This Wild Life tour, I head out to mainland Europe for a headline tour. I’m going to take December off as I’ve been on the go all year. I’ve just moved house so I’m going to chill out and start writing the next record. And probably play quite a lot of Fifa.

Cheers Rob, all the best with the record!
Thank you!

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