Saycet – Mirages review

As the electronic music goes, France is a massive contributor to the scene, and Parisian producer Pierre Lefeuvre, better known as Saycet, is a perfect example of what the country has to offer. He most recent offering, Mirages, was premiered of The 405 and features vocals from Phoene Somsavath – if you’re keen on the luscious sound she adds to the song (which you can check out below), you’ll be glad to know it’s not the only time they’ve collaborated together.

Saycet’s new album, Mirage, is set for release on April 6th, his third work under this name, following One Day At Home and Through The Window. The new release features Phoene on all five of the vocal tracks, where she wrote her own lyrics and most of the melodies, interweaving a complimentary touch to the music. Saycet’s spent time extensively touring Europe, Russia and Asia, collecting fans at every stop, and this upcoming work is sure to secure his place in the world of electronica. However, he has stated that, “before, I was happy under the umbrella of the electronica movement, but now I try less to stay in the mould.”

Mirage is a distinctly minimalist and melancholic piece, percussion lead and highly orchestral in its sound. The layers and details in the music make it a real work of art, Phoene’s vocals mixing sublimely with the worldly influences that have shaped the track. Any fan of the genre will be sure to want to hear this, and for those who aren’t, well, this captivating piece with striking melodies may well be able to convert you. If the rest of Mirage meets the high standards set by the title track, he may be in for the best electronica album of the year.

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