Scarlette – Wasting My Love review

SCPop music is a rare occurrence on this site, and Scarlette’s single¬†Wasting My Love takes us into realms of dance previously uncharted on Mentioned – but with a beat this irresistible, it was hard to resist. The London female pop artist very much boasts a fairytale beginning, after packing her bags and heading to the big city to carve out what’s turning into a successful career.

As with any fairytale, there was a man on the sidelines, and that’s where Scarlette took the inspiration for her single from – or, more accurately, where she immortalised his wrongs against her in a song.¬†She recalls clearly their last romantic moment, standing in the rain under a red umbrella kissing and whispering sweet nothings. Two weeks later it was over. He was gone. She had to move on. The track (which you can check out below) has a pretty clear message; her love was wasted, and her pro-girl attitude is strong.

An infectious sound link the flow of the track, from the off hinting at the huge chorus that awaits. A few seconds slip into something Rustie-esque, before the power of the track kicks in and the dancy sound lathers the independence and self-righteous message in fun and excitement. Her ego and sound are big to match, and at just under three and a half minutes, this track is a hundred percent radio-ready, and bound to be one hell of an earworm.

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