Scottish Widows – Let Her Rock review

Yes, no, we thought that too; this isn’t an insurance advert jingle. This is the latest offering from American rockers of the same name, Scottish Widows. After starting things off as a cover band at the end of 2010, the four-piece responded to the high demand for original material and forged their own sound of modern classic-rock, winding in the faintest of country and blues influences. After a switch of vocalist, they took their music further down the alternative rock lane to end up where they are now.

Their new single,¬†Let Her Rock, which you can stream below, is an excellent sample of the band’s work. The four minute working man’s anthem opens with metronome percussion, soon accompanied by riffs almost big enough to swallow the vocal work if it weren’t for the gravelly edge to Eric Suky’s voice.¬†Solos appear throughout the track, powerful enough to demand attention from the even the least inclined of rock fans; watch this space.

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