Second Story Anthem – Just Bear With Me review

SSACWords: Mark McConville

Infectiousness burns brightly in the music of Second Story Anthem. The American band startle the quietness with their record Just Bear With Me. It’s driven with expert riffs and precise lyrics that describe a desperation for change and clarity. There is a sound of longing streaming through the music as well as sorrow, a tinge of sadness, a black blanket upon the wordplay. But, that doesn’t kill the quality, it gives the record originality.

The opus targets the new generation. It’s a pop punk record that will open up the minds of many young upstarts that are ready to channel their rage. The music is brilliantly executed and it will empower a long list of kids to follow their dreams. They will listen on, dancing to the beat and thunderous rhythm of the guitars, keeping their heads high.

Second Story Anthem strike me as a band who love what they make and design. They seem humble and organised, dragging their feet through the dirt to get to the light. Musically they’re tight and talented, focused and ambitious. Their contributions show maturity too. Their music will never cascade or fall into a swollen mess, it will prosper and elevate.

Here’s To Happiness starts proceedings. It’s a track that bubbles with pessimism. The riff is pleasing and key to the songs progression. Lyrically it pinpoints lost hope and loneliness, battered love and deep cuts. Not Alone sparks a frenzy about love being pulled from the bone. The lyrics cascade like cold rain falling on a heated argument, soothing, but not enough to cool the confrontation. The song has that quick fire riff that is fundamental in the art of pop punk. There is a little acoustic guitar in the mould too, breathing a little rawness into the songs lungs.

The One That Got Away is about love being disarmed. The lyrics are placed well, orchestrated by a mind that means what it spills. Musically it features another precise, fast paced riff that tingles the back of the neck. As Told By Carolyn is very vivid lyrically. The words are like guns and sharp knives. It’s straight to the point and impure, smothered in rage.

Second Story Anthem is a band that will rise to the top of the pop punk platform. Their music is serious and driven, ambitious and fast, keeping the pop punk scene alive.


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