Seething Akira – Aggro Vito review

Aggro Vito A short drum intro kicks off Seething Akira’s Aggro Vito, an EP comprising of the perfect combination of post-hardcore and dup-step, and gives way to an upbeat and electric opening track. What’s most striking about Firepower is the stark contrast of the colourful and creative dup-step musical aspect, and the clean cut, angry vocals of Kit (Conrad). Featuring what could only be described as a profound dup-step breakdown, and lyrics like “I am the gun in your hand, and I am the thought in your head”, it’s impossible to hear this track and not wish you were seeing it live. Second track, Paralysed, opens sounding like it wouldn’t be much out of place in an episode of Doctor Who, before cutting to a short synth and drum intro, and the lyrics “don’t hold back” punch through the music. This track also gives more opportunity to appreciate the fitting layered vocals and manner in which the focus of the track switches between the lyrics and the backing, keep up the combination of the two contrasting genres.

Backlash has a quieter intro with more focus of the dup-step side of the music, but after the vocals open, the guitars filter in to create a sound very different to the previous two tracks. This song definitely gives prominence to the musical side of the work, and the echoed and warped vocals all become a part of this to an extent where they form a part of the instrumental. The Algorithm’s remix of the EP’s second track, Paralysed, brings about a different side to the music. Gone is the harsh contrast of the two styles in the music, and instead the vocals blend in sublimely to create a sound which sounds almost exclusively like a dance track, and brings a new flavour to the EP. The final track off Aggro Vito is another guest remix, this time from Victory Pill and of This Is Our World. A generally quieter track makes it a good closing song to the record, but nothing can deduct from the sheer rage in the lyrics “if you don’t like what we do, then fuck you too, middle fingers in the air, saying ‘fuck your rules’”.

The Portsmouth dub-step rockers drop their EP on 2nd June, and this is a highly recommended must-listen for fans of Enter Shikari – or just general excellent, hard hitting vocals and complimentary liquid dub-step.


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  1. seething akira are brilliant live, well worth checking out

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