Slim Twig – A Hound At The Hem

image002Words: Josh Jones

Slim Twig is the name of a man, not a group. As enigmatic as the name suggests, the Toronto-native Twig’s orchestral infused psych-rock boasts a completely original catalogue, that sounds like the sort of music Lou Reed might of written in the 70s while tripping on acid.

Twig has released two other albums on the Canadian Paper Bag Records, the debut titled Contempt! followed by Sof’ Sike three years later – not to mention a seemingly-endless amount of splits, singles and EPs that have allowed Slim Twig to nurture a blues-informed rockabilly outlet in a haze of ramshackle psychedelic punk. Think of Michael Cera’s album but less shit. Oh, and yes; the guy who plays Scott Pilgrim has an album.

Originally released through Twig’s very own Calico Corp Label and Pleasence Records on an extremely limited run on vinyl, DFA is giving Slim Twig’s third album A Hound at the Hem its proper release on December 1st, ready for his plans for the new year.

Floating on fairground rides of melodrama and mystery, songs off A Hound at the Hem like All This Wanting may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is as artistic as it is rugged. While overbearing at points, A Hound at the Hem is an album I appreciate for its ambition and how Slim Twig doesn’t seem to care about dabbling in all forms of rock music.

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