Soldiers Of A Wrong War – Slow review

SOAWW Monday 15th December sees Italian rockers Soldiers Of A Wrong War release their new mini-album, Slow, with the official music video for the lead title track airing online Wednesday 19th November. Themes of never surrendering that are forged in this track flow through into the rest of the record with fiery determinations. The record boasts six anthemic, pumped tracks with an acoustic rendition of their own Inside My Bones to round the whole thing off in a fitting manner.

A gradual build up to the power of opening Slow provides the perfect lead in to the power that powers the song forwards. Energy that plunges and rises with equal force drives the track forwards, making it an excellent single choice. All of the track is tinged with a slightly synthed edge to make the rockier moments more accessible, and the catchy sing-a-long side of the song makes it not only instantly infectious and memorable, but a potential hit for live shows.

The commencement of Walls is one that’s hard to keep track of; refraining from being samey and uninspired with an ever changing instrumental that doesn’t wait to take on the vocal work. Upbeat and soaring lyrics enhance the positive determination infused into the music, whilst slower moments in the music highlight that it doesn’t have to be loud and out there to of the same standard of brilliance. Although the riffs of Inside My Bones are clear and decisive, the vocals still lead the track in the calmer moments; closing gang vocals make this another favourite for a potential live show.

Half a moment at the opening of Believe This mirrors a sound akin to Owl City’s Fireflies, before deepening to the thick, fun riffs that set the album apart from any other alt-rock work; the editing and production in this song makes it my personal favourite off the record. Dreamers flickers and stutters opening, whilst the rest of the track laces in an exciting pop edge to make the song one of the most accessible, despite at moments towards the close the riffs becoming too intense in comparison to the weight of the vocal work.

Save Me could easily be another favourite; with a sound this fresh and original, it’s hard to choose. An opening that grabs attention through its subtlety and masked vocals gives way to a desperation-filled chorus, and although a more stripped back pre-chorus would have made the force of the hooks more powerful, it’s a track near on perfect. Album finale, an acoustic adaptation of Inside My Bones shines the track in a new, more passionate light, covering the marginally hollow sound.

It’s difficult to not fall in love with catchy hooks this record provides, taking a fresh look at alt-rock.

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