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Devon based alternative pop-punk band Someday I released their self titled EP earlier this year. They formed three years ago – here’s what they’ve been doing in that time.

In my opinion, the first track of off the EP, Without You, is possibly the weakest – a heavy electro start infers the band are something of a somewhat pop-genre, but the steady beat that comes in to control the pace changes that impression. At first the vocals sound like they’re very much trying to be something they’re not – a little too deep and monotone to suit the genre – but it becomes apparent that the intro was slightly misleading and the track settles into a more electro-punk genre. I felt that some of the lyrics were well put together though, with lines such as “it’s time that we faced up / to shit that we made up” with a brutal and honest edge to the intonation. Towards the end, the vocals layer up and suit the music much better, although it would have been nice to hear it stripped down a little more.

Live It Up is definitely one of those tracks you can imagine sounds amazing live – throughout, it’s clear that a lot more though has been put into this track. It steps away from the any form of generic intro, making it much more original and unique to them. With so many bands at a similar level nowadays, it’s essential to have a sound that makes you stand out from the crowd – this clearly features in this track. Although some of the rhymes feeling slightly forced, the overall effect is that the piece fits into the genre much better and more naturally than the opening track.

The last track, Unbreakable, is by far the best on the record. It has the perfect structure of a single, with much more attention on the vocals, feeling as though they are building up to the final line of the chorus. The lyrics fit together better on this track as well, with the rhymes less forced and flowing naturally. It’s a delight to hear a track from this band which is much more stripped back, and it proves that the phrase “less is more” is very true. Finally, they include a breakdown in this song – it’s incredibly hard for a pop-punk band to mix one in well, but they’ve managed to achieve it; which is something to be said, as it’s turned out pretty immense.

Next week we’ll have an interview with the band, talking about what was happening before they titled themselves Someday I. Also, you can download the EP below, for FREE!

Twitter: @SomedayImusic

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