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Someday IAs a follow up to last week’s review of Someday I’s EP, I caught up with Luke (Gover, guitar/vocals for the band) – here he talks about the band’s background, the EP, and a nasty run in with a microphone!

You’ve all been in bands before Someday I, what prompted you to leave those bands and form a new one?
Me (Luke) and James have been in a number of bands together in the past. James used to play bass and so when a previous band ended he decided he would like to try out on guitar, we then needed a bass player. We met Jason on a night out and he said he would like to try out on bass so we had a rehearsal and everything just clicked from day one!

The band was also originally called Painted As Saints – how come you changed the name, and does either name have any particular meaning?
Painted as Saints was the first band that we formed after getting Jason in on bass. We had a guy called Sean drumming for us back then and he wasn’t able to commit as much to the band as the rest of us needed so unfortunately we had to find a replacement and this is when Josh joined. Having a new member and also decided we didn’t want to go down the heavy pop-punk route so we decided to change our name. Someday I was just a name that was being thrown around at the time and it just stuck.

At the end of last year you lost your drummer to a good job offer – how did things work out with that, how did it affect the band?
Losing Josh was very hard on all of us, he was and still is one of our best friends so it was a real knock back when he told us he had to leave, but we knew that it was something he needed to do and so supported his decision 100%.

Tell me a little bit about your EP – who/what was the inspiration behind it?
Having changed our name and the style of music we wanted to play we had to start over from scratch so we took about 4 months away from gigging to write and record what became our debut self-titled E.P. We wanted something that would reflect the kind of bands we all listen too and have grown up listening to whilst trying to remain individual and I think we have done that.

You recently played at The Colour Rush alongside bands like We Are The Ocean, what was that like?
The Colour Rush was amazing! It was put on by Rowcroft Hospice to help raise money. We Are The Ocean were incredible and very nice guys it was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with them!

Ever met someone you admire at a performance and been starstruck?
Not really starstruck but more like “Oh that’s the guy from that band we love…cool” The We Are The Ocean show was a good example of that as we have all been listening to them since they first started out and so was nice to eventually meet and play with them.

The largest crowd you’ve played to, and the smallest?
Well so far as Someday I we have only played four shows and the biggest crowed we have played to is about 200. Last year when we toured as Painted as Saints there was one night where we only played to the support band so I’m sure that is the smallest crowd we have played too haha!

What’s your worst experience on stage, or the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while performing?
Well thankfully we have all been quite lucky so far and not had anything major happen (I’m sure it will soon) I did get quite a nasty shock from the microphone once and had to sing the rest of the song with numb lips which was quite interesting but other than that we haven’t had anything bad happen.

Quickfire questions –
First album you ever bought? Warning by Green Day
Best album you ever bought? This is tough! Ummm… I’m going to go with Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
First gig you ever went to? Sum 41 at Wembley arena on the ‘Does this look infected’ tour
First gig you ever played? A tiny pub in Devon called the Lime Tree
Worst injury you’ve obtained while performing? Pulled half my nail off :/
Would you rather never listen to music again, or never create music again? So hard! Never create music, I love listening to music too much!
Would you rather do a track featuring Gwen Stefani or Mick Jagger? Stefani all the way!
Weirdest place you’d like to do a gig? I’d love to play on a floating stage while people just got drunk and drifted around on lilos!
Best band with a similar size fan base to your own? Your Last Day, they are great guys and all their songs are ridiculously catchy!

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