Sonny & The Sunsets – Happy Carrot Health Food Store review

Imagine you’re driving down a long road – the more winding and confusing you make it, the more accurate. The further you go down said road the more bizarre things get; that’s sort of the journey that this track takes you along. The new video (which you can check out below) for Sonny & The Sunsets’ single, Happy Carrot Health Food Store, is as confusing and brilliant as the name suggests.

Nearly reaching seven and a half minutes, the plot of the short film begins in a black and white food store, lyrically detailing the life and times of the employees. It switches through hand drawn cartoon to storyboards, moving to a plot of a girlfriend (or a dog?) seen swimming around in the bottom of a beer glass; rather like if the writers behind (500) Days Of Summer decided they wanted to make a song.

Musically, the song drifts from simple, straightforward acoustic music, touching on bluegrass to drift through to the characteristic beach pop of the track. Garage influences play their fair part before the spoken word storytelling of the comic book video defines the second half of the track; it’s a bizarre journey.

The track is taken of their forthcoming album, Talent Night At The Ashram, out on 23rd March on Polyvinyl Records.

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