Speaking In Shadows at Bodega, Nottingham

Several months ago we had local four-piece We Are Carnivores assemble a tour diary of their shows with ACODA. Opening for last weekend’s rotating headline tour in Nottingham gave us the chance to check out their live show; feisty, fun and frantic, the math rockers put on a fantastic show to set a high standard. Unperturbed by a slightly unenthusiastic crowd, frontman Harry Christopher went above and beyond to inject energy into the night, leaving an audience ready for anything.

After a dramatic recorded intro, a minute long blast opened the Speaking In Shadows’ show, eventually kicking off the bulk of the night with their new single. Having been formed for over four years, Speaking In Shadows are one of those bands that have found their “sound”, and sell it in every second of the show. Regards technicalities, the performance is tight and easily up to studio standard, but there’s more than box-ticking that makes the Nuneaton quintet a poster band for an enjoyable and effective performance.

Making the most of every catchy hook and refrain, vocalist Adam Smith had little trouble encouraging the audience to join in, and where they proved more difficult his buoyant spirit made jokes to both laugh off the sticking point and create a light environment. Whilst Nottingham’s Bodega is known for it’s intimate environment, they show was delivered with the power and confidence (and light show) fit for an arena, or at the very least, a venue with a capacity in the thousands.

The highlight of the show came with single Sweet Gemini – having not seen the band since this track was new, their comfort and consequential improvement in their performance of this was substantial. Featuring harsh vocals from the bassist and Adam jumping around in the crowd, they went above and beyond to make the track stand out. Another highlight was bassist Sam Powell – especially having recently seen a couple of bassists who have underwhelmed me, Sam’s playing very much stood out for me.

Closing Technicolour Train Wreck summed up the show perfectly; tight whilst eccentric, and pleasantly crazy – with a performance so on the ball and enjoyable, it’s a real mystery as to why Speaking In Shadows aren’t playing bigger venues yet.

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