Spector – All The Sad Young Men review

If indie rock ‘n’ roll band Spector made waves with their debut album, they’re easily set to make an absolute storm with their upcoming sophomore release. Today saw the first release off the album, All The Sad Young Men. Speaking of the new work, Fred Macpherson says, “having worked on this album for over a year, I’m so glad that people are finally getting to hear it. All The Sad Young Men is one of the tracks that took us the longest to get right because of how much it meant to us. I’m pretty sure it’s the best song we’ve written, and its honesty plays a big part in that.”

There’s more than a hint of melancholy in the lyricism, “I don’t wanna make love / I don’t wanna make plans” resonating well beyond the song’s close, and clear comparisons could be made to the Imagine Dragons-esque vocal work. It’s easy to see why Fred says it’s the best song they’ve ever written; after locking themselves in the studio for eighteen months that band have emerged entirely afresh and set to take the charts by storm after their top 20 success of their first full length offering, Enjoy It While It Lasts.

Check out the single’s video below.

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