Stuart McCallum – T-Onics review

Words: Georgia Stephenson

Following on from his stunning Naim Records debut Distilled four years ago, Steve McCallum has recently unveiled his eagerly anticipated second album for the label, City, on which he has collaborated with an array of fellow jazz musicians. The first song released is teaser track T-Onics, a subtle, smooth sounding electronica track. In the first seconds of T-Onics, the gradual build-up of mellow sounds gently eases you into music that encompasses you for the remaining three minutes and forty seconds.

The progression of the track is cleverly conducted – in the first minute there are phases where Stuart’s guitar playing takes centre stage without percussion backing, with eventually the two aspects becoming more intertwined with one another. Stuart also successfully manages to crucially retain listener interest through the addition of a second guitar melody around the one and a half minute mark, something which is notoriously hard for experimental music to grasp. When I listened to T-Onics the first time I was transported to a quietening and peaceful city in the midst of late night, which personally I feel is another positive of many about the teaser track. In short, Stuart’s first glimpse of City gives a very promising outlook for the rest of his new release.

City is released on the 28th August on Naim Edge Records.

You can listen to T-Oincs below.

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