Milestones – More To Me review

Their debut single isn’t released until next Monday, yet Manchester four-piece Milestones are already set with big expectations and the potential to fill them. From the typeface on their social media to the production on their track, nothing is out of line, and the subsequent inspired confidence sets the bar high for them. The pop punk meets alternative quartet – whilst only having an average age of 17/18 – have set themselves off to an impressive start.

More To Me, to be dropped on Monday 1st December at 6pm, is the first release off their debut EP with the following tracks to be completed over the coming months. Credited producer Phil Gornell (Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps, ROAM, Me VS Hero) has helped forge the single, which will accompanied by a music video created with the help of filmmaker Zak Pinchin (Shields, Empires Fade, Canvas etc).

Almost instantly we’re introduced to frontman Matt Clarke’s distinct vocals which then lead the track boisterously forwards, with a nod to the impeccable production as backing vocals blend into the music among an ever changing backdrop. Potholes are neatly sidestepped in terms of the focus of the track, neither overplaying the instrumental sections nor the chorus hooks, and a cliched breakdown is avoided with a close that remains fresh till the close.

Milestones have struck the fine balance between vibrant and colourful pop-punk in the tracks intricate moments, and gravitational passion in its intimate ones, with a sheen to the sound that’s unparalleled with any new act. Exuding originality and energy in equal measure, More To Me is unrivalled as debut singles go; the track’s only improvement could be a vinyl edition.

TWITTER: @UKMilestones