Super Luxury – Ten Years Of Applause

“Pissed Jeans if they swapped the ennui for dancing.” The 405 hit the nail on the head with their accurate description of Leeds’ noise-rockers Super Luxury. Subtly isn’t their strong point, but smashing everything together to create a sonic earthquake is.

Opening track 1.25 Metres on debut album Ten Years of Applause introduces feedback-laden riffs and shouty vocals over the noise, bringing melody to Baby Godzilla style thrashing. Second track Constant Delicious is a hit single in the making, bursting with eye-watering energy reminiscent of Dischord-era aggression.

Super Luxury are keeping DIY ethics alive by self-recording their own music, mostly at their adopted HQ the Brudnell Social Club in their hometown. Filming their own music videos and producing their own album artwork, they strive to put as much effort into their music as they do into their live performance.

Ian Mackaye Made So Much Money Out of Fugazi… is a song so heavy, it would be unwise to be too close to the stage when this is being played. If you’re a standard attendee at a punk or hardcore show, you most likely still would not be able to prepare yourself for Super Luxury chaos. If confetti cannons, inflatable-crowdsurfing and hotdog-eating competitions are your thing, why haven’t you been to one of these boys’ gigs yet? Just remember to time your dives well, or end up with broken legs like frontman Adam, after a gig at the Brudnell.

Keeping the fierce charisma of post-punk alive, Golden Climbing keeps Creative Adult-like sludge to the mix of classic rock and distortion. To date, Super Luxury has shared the stage with the likes of Metz, Cloud Nothings, Wet Nuns and That Fucking Tank. Songs like Hyperhidrosis are audible reasons why this band is deafening bruisers with a well-deserved following in the UK.

Ending the album with speaker-blowing smashes of percussion and an assault of screams, Crunchy Boy is a dirty infusion of boozed up feedback and an onslaught of headache-delivering angst. You may need to have a sit down after listening to this.

Ten Years of Applause follows a cassette release of 2012 EP Mystery Thriller Teen Drama, both released on Super Luxury’s very own British Wildlife Records. The album came out later last month, and you can stream or buy it on Bandcamp.