Terrace – We Fall Together review

When was the last time you heard a dance album that you couldn’t place to an era? Think of one that didn’t draw off the success of similar artists, and didn’t follow whatever trends that were present at the moment. At the end of last year, Terrace released their first single Cote D’Azur, and this month sees the release of their debut full length, We Fall Together, with just those sentiments in mind. In 2010, Simon Lock formed the band to draw on age old influences from post punk to house music and create a sound that skipped over the ever changing music scene.

From opening Special Place, there’s a feeling of the rockier elements drifting into the synth laden sound, the staccato percussion as easily fitting into the dance music as it would a raw instrumental song. Thinking into the other hand, there are moments when the modern, electronica sound prevails, such as the opening of eighth Shine Thru, where it would be easy to make comparisons to the likes of Faded Paper Figures.

Faster and more upbeat, Nights As Villains manages to strike up a middle ground between soft electronica and punchy house music, drifting between the two poles as the song unwinds, whilst elsewhere minute and a half interlude Vivant shows how much they’re capable of without vocal work, the music ebbing along and allowing minute details to take the focus.

If these tracks were instrumentals alone, they’d have the power to exist as film soundtracks, such is the power in each track. However, although the band have managed to make a record which exists as a somewhat timeless masterpiece, they’ve kept themselves rather constrained. Many of the tracks seem to blend together, which in itself is no issue as I’d be keen to hear some of these four minute works extended, but together it comes across as bland at moments, and slipping into the playing-it-safe zone. However, it remains an engaging and promising record, an intriguing debut. (8/10)

You can listen to Cote D’Azur below.

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