The Creep Void – The Elevation Of Idiocy review

Last November saw The Creep Void release their most recent EP, four track The Elevation Of Idiocy. Whilst the title seems somewhat incongruous to the music, the band’s name isn’t, with a heavy and ominous sense driven into each track. The Newcastle quartet are very much pioneers of reinventing a sound that had partially been long forgotten. They class themselves with the blanket term of “alternative rock”, and whilst that’s not at all incorrect, it seems incredibly insufficient for there not to be a better genre for them to slot into.

The EP starts off fairly simply; I’ll Be Your Masochist synths-up vocals and electric guitar, with flecks of instrumental smattering the sound. Atmospheric and heavy, it’s rather like you slowed down a 30 Seconds To Mars track by half. Although the track never builds up or, well, goes anywhere, it’s a solid opener for the record to set the tone. Persona Of Many spices things up a little bit with wavering vocals and synthesised backing, often switching into falsetto at moments. Among all the editing, the track loses the raw edge of rock that the genre so strongly thrives on, deducting from the crisp, hard hitting satisfaction of the classic rock influences the music eludes to.

This distanced effect is apparent again in Needles To Say, though this gives chance for the vocals to bite through more clearly, distinct and bold. Though the title of closing When You Look Into The Abyss, The Abyss Also Looks Into You seems akin to the likes of Fall Out Boy and Mayday Parade, the music couldn’t be further from that; this is the sort of music that evokes sweat, blood and passion in a live show, and proves to be all solos and soaring vocals in the studio version.

Although the production of the record leaves something to be desired, all becoming a little samey and mundane, the content impressively mixes classic rock influences with a certain electronic edge. The Creep Void have a sound that lends itself more easily to live shows than studio production, though with enough thought I’ve a feeling they could capture the potential energy in this. Whilst this record is a solid achievement, and there’s no deducting from that, I can’t help wondering if this is just a starting block, and that the quartet are able to do a lot more.

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