The Dreaming Spires – Searching For The Supertruth review

If strange poetry, psychedelic Americana and cosmic evolution are as normal to you as breathing, there surely is room in your life for The Dreaming Spires. High off the success of debut release Brothers in Brooklyn and various EPs, Searching For The Supertruth is an elaborate distinction of psychedelic realms and diverse country-influenced shoegaze.

I Still Believe in You drowns in dreams; layers of synth wash over cosmic songwriting, building up a sense of classic rock and pop, before melting into second song All Kinds of People. After touring and recording with Mark Gardner of Ride fame, The Dreaming Spires’ ‘Notorious Bennett Brothers’ Robin and Joe show influences of Ride’s musical style and give it an acoustic twist.

While handling the majority of instrumental duties, Joe and Robin (with Jamie Dawson on drums/percussion) are joined by regular live guitarist Nick Fowler. This release features guest musicians on many of the tracks, from Sarah Cracknell (of St Etienne, whom the brothers were a part of when recently headlining The Barbican) to Tony Poole and Jackie Oates. Overall, songs like the title track are giving a well-rounded sound with harmonised group vocals and varying use of instruments from banjo to synths and piano.

Strange Glue continues the momentum of the record; delightful, eccentric lyrics drenched in sunshine that calms the other-worldly feel of the record and plants feet firmly back on the ground while still relying on 60s’ pop melodies. This song alone is a fantastic insight to the healthy alt-rock scene.

Bruce Springsteen’s charming brand of Americana pop is galore through Dusty In Memphis. Full of sweet cleverness and fresh-faced twangs, this track halfway through the record is a defiant accomplishment of youthful dreams and how powerful country rock can be.

End track So Pretty is a swirl of percussion and piano perfection, jazzy in nature, underneath slow and sincere storytelling that smoothly finish off the eccentricity and mysticism this album produces, while the Bennett brothers and friends keep Searching For The Supertruth.


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