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The EffectA few days ago we checked out The Effect’s new EP, Running With The Wolves, so we took the time to have a quick catch up with the band; here’s what happened –

Hi The Effect, we checked out your EP and loved it – can you tell us a bit about it?
‘Running With The Wolves’ is our third EP and shows how the band has progressed musically and lyrically from our previous releases ‘Everything Has Gone’ and ‘Lioness’. The first lyrics you hear in the EP are ‘The lioness is dead’, giving closure to our last EP and showing the movement into a new direction for The Effect. We recorded it with Romesh Dodangoda at Long Wave Studios in Cardiff. We have released two singles from the EP, the first was ‘Souvenir’ followed by the title track ‘ Running With The Wolves’.

You’ve taken more influences into account for this release. Musically, what’ve you been influenced by, and how does this show in the record?
Musically this EP is far more diverse than anything we have released in the past, embracing all our influences from post rock to hardcore punk to pop. Individually we all have so many different influences, so when it came to writing the EP we weren’t afraid to explore different genres of music.

Probably a bit of a difficult one, but, how have you managed to retain you “sound” despite all the mixed influences?
That is a difficult one, I suppose we’ve always been true to ourselves and write the music we want to write and are passionate about.

You’ve also changed the themes you cover in this release – can you talk about some the topics mentioned on this release and what’s lead you to talk about them?
Lyrically the EP has a more positive direction than previous releases, focusing on themes such as self-acceptance, alcohol and drug use, religion and learning from terrific highs and the terrible lows of life.

Two of the track off the EP have music videos – how you decide how you want your music to be portrayed in video?
Visually we try to make our music videos abstract, whilst following the themes of the song to further enhance the meaning of the lyrics.

What plans have than band got for the summer?
We have a busy summer ahead of us, writing and recording new material as well as a few surprises up our sleeve that we can’t tell you at the moment. Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s to come over the next few months.

And, finally, where can people catch you live next?
We will be heading out on the road again soon, extensively touring after the summer. Check out to stay up to date with us.

Thanks, guys!

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