The Family Rain – We Are In Love video

Very occasionally I find a video that shocks or amuses me, though generally I find them a novelty – here, we have the former. The most striking line of the song “we are in love / but you don’t know it yet” on its own seems, well, a little creepy, but combined with this video, it’s downright terrifying. Will Walter parades around with a blow up doll, in short – check it out for yourself below!

As with the previous video release for the band’s upcoming EP, the piece was entirely shot and edited by the trio in and around their hometown of Bath.

As well as the new video, the band have also revealed the full track listing for the EP: 
1. You Should Be Glad You’ve Got A Man
2. We Are In Love
3. Tarantula
4. Punchbowl

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