The Kut – Alekhine’s Gun review

Last year we checked out The Kut’s Make Up EP, their first after a four year hiatus (our review’s up here). Needless to say, we were very impressed, and now they’re back again with forthcoming EP, Rock, Paper, Scissors. The all-grunge, all-girl, no-gimmicks trio excel in their definitive punk sound, never failing to impress with the energy they power into their work and addictive riffs creating real earworms of tracks. Make Up was a fantastic effort after so much time away, and their first offering, Alekhine’s Gun, off the upcoming release, our of April 13th, holds even more promise.

Frontwoman, Maha, speaks of the new EP in comparison to last year’s effort; “‘Make Up‘ was a transition record; we vented a lot of frustration on that, but it was overwhelming rather than empowering. By the time it came to recording Rock Paper Scissors, our frustrations were transforming into something more constructive. The new music is very angry, but that’s sometimes the process that’s needed.”

Fuzzed up vocals from the off make the track distinctly memorable, the power behind the percussion mixing excellently with the vocal work, which then notches itself to something harsher, and in turn the anger comes through again. Understated riffs in the verse take to the forefront of the music in the chorus, the rage ploughing on through. Grunge and anger fuelled, this clear development is a brilliant way to continue the legacy the band have been making for themselves since last year.

As Maha explains, the track lyrically revolves around facing adversity: “We’ve all been there; sometimes life has far more to throw at you than you are prepared for or willing to take on, but it’s just coming back from that and realising that you don’t have to harden up to the world to survive. It’s coming from the point of near break down and saying – stay strong, don’t let them change you and be true to yourself and you can still get through it. I wanted it to be that track that would empower someone to survive as who they are.”

You can listen to Alekhine’s Gun below.

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