The Nouvelles – Rising review

Words: Kelly Ronaldson

Named the ‘next big northern band’ by the Guardian, Manchester quartet The Nouvelles recently released their brand new single, Rising, featuring some remarkable vocals from Robyn Xanthia. It’s an anthemic track that fills the space between the likes of Alphabeat and Frankmusic.

The band themselves – consisting of Johnnie Jackson on vocals, Tom Kinton on guitar, Neil Howarth on bass and Steve Atkinson on drums – are soon becoming a huge success, having played various major UK festivals and worked with producer John Kettle (The Marble Index, Aiden Smith) on their forthcoming album, This Modern Sound.

The new track, however, kicks off with uplifting piano from non-band-member Ben Hesketh. Jackson and Xanthia’s vocals blend well together too, taking them away from the generic indie sound that can be recognised on older tracks. Combined with pop-esque drum beats and riffs that could easily match that of Boston’s, this new sound suits them well – let’s hope they keep it up for their forthcoming album.

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