The Thieves – Same Old Story review

The ThievesFrom the off, this track strikes me as mature – not only more mature than I’d expect from a college four piece, but more sophisticated than work I receive from some established bands. Take the vocals as a mix of Matt Healy (The 1975) and John Williams (Faded Paper Figures), and the instrumental as a cross section of Canterbury, Two Door Cinema Club and The Front Bottoms, with a splash of true Mallory Knox rock in there.

Established in 2013, the Derby based alternative-rock band have made a mark with this debut single – fast riffs from the opening and equally pacey drums make the track a compact two minutes forty-six of talent. Catchy The 1975-style vocals make an infectious chorus and ones to bring the whole crowd in at gigs, with a rockier edge on the instrumental giving the track the bite to pull it apart from many debut records.

The crowning achievement on this track is the excellence regarding the synth – it’s too common to see start-up bands over-do this and make it control the track. Rather it leads the record, with the bass driving the instrumental and no part of the make-up taking dominance. Stepping away from common cliches is something many bands (not exclusively new ones) battle, yet this seems no problem for The Thieves, and only adds to the maturity of the record.

Same Old Story will be available on iTunes from July 14th – a sharp cross between The 1975 and Canterbury, and if the live show if as pumped, electric and sophisticated as this track, The Thieves are one to keep an eye on.

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