ticktock – A- A- A- review

NSFW video

Part-Danish part-English Sebastian Zieler is set to release his latest EP, TCOLT, next month on March 16th. Ahead of dropping the four track offering, the first single has been released with accompanying video which you can check out below (not safe for work due to nudity). Speaking of the video, Zieler, who takes his moniker of ticktock from his “life-long fascination and frustration with time”, muses that “[I] wanted to stay clear of any direct interpretation of the lyrics, and instead go for a video that looked like the song sounded – a visual parallel”.

This idea of the parallel hits the nail on the head perfectly, with the video showcasing a woman on an open, sunny plain with a shotgun and several horses. To mirror this, the track encompasses a lethargic, sluggish pace that drifts along with more attention to detail than sheer force. Zieler’s vocals trace themselves through the instrumental like fingers making patterns in condensation, whilst an enthralling bassline bounces through the music to give it an elastic backbone.

Synthesisers give a nod to his pop sensibilities, whilst the faraway, dreamy percussion touches on the experimental side of music, creating a sound that’s as captivating as it is moreish. If you need an excuse to stop your Friday activities for three and a half minutes, make this it.

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