Trash Boat interview

Hey guys!

So, first things first, tell me a bit about who you are and what you do.
We are Trash Boat; Oak – Drums, Dann – Guitar, Tobi – Vocals, James – Bass and Ryan – Guitar. We started back in January but have been in multiple projects with each other in the past. We’re just doing what we love and are seeing where it takes us

I understand you take your band name from an episode of Regular Show, but for us Brits who’re a little less wise to the show, could you expand on that?
I’m sure loads of British people watch regular show…us and all my friends being a few of them! If you don’t you should give it a chance. I won’t go into detail as to why but it’s just a really ridiculous, hilarious, easy to watch cartoon and it’s so pop punk! There’s an episode where Rigby (a main character) is watching a TV show where they interview his favourite band and their vocalist ‘The Urge’ is asked “what’s the secret to your success?” ‘The Urge’ says “2 words… change, I love me mum and all but the name she gave me…not so awesome…so I just picked 2 words at random ‘The’ and ‘Urge’…’The Urge’, once I did that…I BECAME THE COOLEST PERSON IN THE WOOOORRRLLD”. Rigby then decides to do the same and sees a picture of a boat and some trash….Trash Boat. We were struggling to find a decent name but this was a perfect hilarious opportunity we couldn’t ignore as we’re sure it will make us the COOLEST BAND IN THE WOOOORRRLD. It worked for The Urge so why not us?

You were officially founded earlier this year, but are already set to release your debut EP, Look Alive, in June – how did everything come about so quickly?
I think that we were able to get going so quickly partially due to the fact that 4 of us had already been playing together for some time, so in that respect we were already familiar with each other in a musical context. Having a fresh start had been on the cards for a while and when Tobi came aboard things really kicked off. I think another key reason is that from the word go we all had a very clear and similar view as to the direction that we wanted to take things, it was just a case of putting in the hours and getting it done really. I know we’re all excited to see how Look Alive is received and we cant wait to see what the future holds.

What can we expect from Look Alive, then?
I think every song offers something different, so hopefully there’s something in there that everyone can like. We didn’t want an EP where every song sounds the same; we hope to have achieved that!

What bands have influenced the tracks musically? …and lyrically?
My favourite thing about this band is the wide variety of influences musically, I can hear different sub-genres in every track. I love the punkier side of it all, my favourite bands being Sum 41, Stick To Your Guns, Rage Against The Machine etc. We all bring something different to the mix and I think it’s produced a pretty cool EP that I’m really proud of. If I’m honest, lyrically I haven’t been inspired by anyone, of course I appreciate a lot of bands lyrics and get inspired to write generally, but in terms of actual lyrics I’ve just been writing what I feel, that’s how it was for this EP and that’s how it’s gunna continue.

Finally, where can people catch you at a live show next?
We have a few shows lined up, 13th June at Flava bar in Luton, 11th July at the Green Room in Welwyn and of course our release show at The Horn in St Albans on 15th July!

Thanks guys!

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